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Lowongan Sebagai IT Support Staff PT Jarum

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 6:05 am
by admin
Lowongan Sebagai IT Support Staff dan Internal Auditor di PT JARUM

1. IT Support Staff

PT Djarum


We urgently need some personnel to support the use and exploitation of IT applications and systems in the company.
You will be assisting IT users in their use of IT applications and helping them troubleshooting any difficulties.
You will also have to contribute to the development and installation of new systems.
This position is based in Jakarta / Bandung / Surabaya / Kudus office.

2. Internal Auditor
PT Djarum

Some essential duties of our Internal Auditor include drafting audit report, control accuracy of financial records, briefing audit findings to management, preparing recommendation for corrective actions.
This position is based in our Jakarta and Kudus office.

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